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Here are some examples of mechanical designs Norwood Designs developed for my customers. The product development often included complete design services from concept to production.
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SportCount IV This redesign of the SportCount LapCounter uses an over-molded housing with a membrane covering the button to make it waterproof. The over molded housing also becomes the band to secure the watch to the finger.You can purchase the latest design at
This Crevice Claw Nozzle was designed for MrNozzle. It needed to have a small handle to fit a smaller hand while still allowing the same volume of flow through the nozzle.

The design needed to work as a standard "claw" type nozzle as well as work as a crevice tool to get into tight spaces.You can buy the nozzle here.
The client required several mechanical and aesthetic considerations for the design of this food dispenser. To see more information about this design please see the patent application US 2007/0051749 . Sauce Bottle
Click Here to View a Larger Version. I invented this magnetic strip reader and writer for Interoffice Express, LTD. This device allows the user to "swipe" a magnetic card manually for both reading and writing the magnetic information using an optically encoded mark along side the magnetic strip for synchronization.  This patent (No. 6053415) is available for licensing. E-mail Dick Olson at or Mark Norwood at for more information.
This Multi-Port Scanner was designed for HIAC/ROYCO. It is used to sample air contaminates in multiple locations in clean room environments. Remote control and simplicity of design contributed to the success of this product. Click Here to View a
                  Larger Version. Click Here to View a Larger Version.
This redesign of the K-Lite combined all the features of the mounting, reflector and housing into a single piece design. This reduced the weight and costs and improved the performance.
This side-marker light was designed to provide brighter light and use less power using LEDs instead of conventional lamps, yet fit into the same form factor as the original design. Sidemarker
                  Here to View a Larger Version. This pulse oximeter finger probe (Patent No. 5247931) was invented by Mark Norwood for Catalyst Research Corp. a division of Mine Safety Appliances. It incorporates a novel floating hinge and spring mechanism that allows the optical components to make secure contact with the finger of the patient without restricting blood flow and affecting the accuracy of the instrument. 
This carry-all folds flat and pops up for use. It's wire-frame design is light weight and sturdy. Folding
Click Here to View a
                  Larger Version. Click Here to View a
                  Larger Version. Click Here to View a
                  Larger Version.
Interoffice Express, LTD. needed a low cost solution to their patented inter-office mailing solution. The envelope incorporates a plastic dial that can be set to a six digit number code representing an office location. The code is represented in post net as well as code-39 simultaneously. The envelope can then be sent through existing automated mail sorting equipment. E-mail Dick Olson at if you are interested in more information on this product.

The client wanted a pump type fluid dispenser that would seal the dispenser nozzle when the pump actuator was released. This design was never manufactured. You can see the pump in action here.
Fluid Dispenser
HIAC ABS-2, Automatic Bottle Sampler This Automatic Bottle Sampler, the ABS2, was designed to replace an earlier instrument. Ease-of-use and automation of the sampling process were important to the success for this product originally designed for HIAC/ROYCO. Now manufactured by HACH Co.

It is still in production 22 years later!
                  ABS-2, Automatic Bottle Sampler
                  Here to View a Larger Version.
Click Here to View a Larger Version. Click Here to View a
                  Larger Version. Norwood Designs and associates designed metal extrusions and machined parts for Axis Laser's clever laser based pipe laying aid. The cut-away shows how the inner workings will function.

I worked with Bruce Gamble to develop this canteen for dogs that incorporates a snap-on bowl and canteen   Contact Bruce Gamble at for more information. The
                  Laptop Dog Drinking Canteen.
This heat exchanger is designed from off-the-shelf parts. The use of readily available parts greatly reduced the cost of this design. This is how I can save you money.

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